Ignorance, Arogance and Immortality

Amazingly astute speech by a man who’s work I have not been familiar with  but will soon rectify my ignorance. Yesterday I was pondering similar thoughts and how fortuitous I should stumble upon this video clip. We are all going to die in relative obscurity, we won’t be famous, we won’t be powerful and after a generation or two most people will have forgotten about us. I don’t say this to cause you sadness, I say it because I want you to be happy with your here and now. Today is all we are given, this very moment is all there is. Treat those that love you and care about you kindly because the only way you will ever have an immortal life is in the memories of those you leave behind.

Tim Minchin UWA Address (2013): http://youtu.be/NyBvbot3emM


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