Goodbye, Godspeed

It was a beaitiful day to say goodbye, blue skies, cotton clouds, light refreshing breeze, a perfect day to find your way easily across the bridge. Reilly left us today and though my heart aches I know I made the right decision. We had a good run together, this beautiful boy and I. He will now get to run unimpaired with hips that no longer hurt or wobble. He will see again with perfect clarity and I have no doubt that one of the first things he will gaze upon when he crosses that bridge will be his buddy Boaz who’s been keeping my mom company all this time. I have no doubt she will welcome Reilly with open arms and I know she will reassure him that my decision to release him from his pain was heartfelt and without malice. My heart is aching for my big dog but I know that this was the best decision. I know you wanted to stay for me but it’s alright to proceed on the next part of your journey, run freely now Reilly, find your bark and save a spot for me there. You will always be in my heart; you’re here with me forever my beautiful boy.



“We begin where we end.” Torchwood


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