Share Life

I have wondered if people think I share too much information. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t, hard to judge. I was raised by a father who kept stoically to himself and endeavored to force the same isolation upon his family. It has lead me to my own personal belief that this world would be a better place if we grew up assured and encouraged to share our thoughts and feelings with one another. I think there would be more compassion and understanding in the world if we did share more with each other instead of being conditioned that it is better to go it alone without help. Life is hard, the journey should be shared to be experienced fully. Take a chance, reach out, live and love fully. Heartache, heartbreak, broken promises, love, lust, loss, friendship, trust, betrayal, joy and sorrow are all part of the messy package of a life fully lived, an explosion of living breathing Technicolor. Reach out, embrace one another, take a chance to feel beyond the numbness, loose yourself in emotions; live fully, die happy.



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