“Negative Nellie”

Yesterday I was called out for having a negative attitude, furthermore that my negative attitude is perhaps at the root of some of my health issues. I will not deny being dark, serious, moody, emotional, or highly excitable at times. I am human and I want to experience the full gamut of emotions, but I also make it a habit of laughing heartily every single day, often and frequently. I revel in nature and all it’s beauty and mystery. I look in the eyes of a child and I say a silent pray to help me see what they see, to understand their world. I pray that I am compassionate and empathetic to all I encounter. I hope that I will endeavor to invision what another is going through, to take a walk in their shoes before I criticize or pretend to possibly comprehend what their life may be like. As Jill Smo posted last night, “You know what? Compassion is good. Judgment is bad. It’s not fucking brain surgery.” And as her friend Michael Lombardi replied, “I think just about the only thing people showcase more than compassion is their judgment.” Sad isn’t it that we all pass judgement so quickly without taking a moment or two to ask ourselves what is possibly going on in their lives and how we could help build them up and support them rather than immediately taking it in another direction. I am thankful for ever single breath that I take and grateful that I am still here to enjoy them. None of us knows what another’s experience is like, what their journey has been and what it has taken to get to where they are today.


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