The Man

Today is Father’s Day in Australia and Grandparent’s Day in the United States. I no longer have a father to celebrate this day with, not to mention I’m not Australian and my grandparents were lost to me before I could remember any of them well. Today, September 7, 2014 would have been my father’s 89th birthday. The man who made me laugh, made me smile, brought tears to my eyes, anger to my soul and in the end insanity into my life. But I also remember the man who taught me how to tie my shoes, how to ride a bike without training wheels, how to plant a tree and nurture it’s growth, to listen without speaking (no choice, if you knew him you would understand), how to walk a railroad tie, to observe the nature and instincts of insects and animals, to always root for the underdog and most importantly that  nothing is ever as simple as it appears to be yet only as complicated as you make it. You are missed father, you were loved. You made me crazy but I am still learning from your lessons.



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