Bully Free Zone


Another incident of bullying/harassment for Aidan yesterday. A student kicked him in the boy’s restroom between classes and verbally taunted him. He told no one at school about this but what I want you to know is why he did not tell an adult about it. In his words “it never goes anywhere.” I feel this is a very sad development that Aidan or any other student would feel that there is no point in telling a teacher or administrator that they feel threatened. I have asked him to talk with an adult today about this, furthermore I have also asked him to convey to this adult that I expect to be notified by this adult that Aidan has made them aware of this situation and that it is going to be addressed.

I am more than aware that Aidan with Aspergers and because of it’s “swiss cheese” effect on the way he thinks processes and reacts, becomes an easy target for those that are seeking to get a reaction and find themselves at the top of the hierarchy. I am wondering at what point is there  perhaps a school wide intervention. The majority of these children have went through the DARE and Olweus programs but does there need to be more? I know we do not live in a perfect world but we can aim for this and continue to strive towards this. I want to leave to Aidan and his classmates a world that believes in and practices tolerance, acceptance and inclusion on a daily basis. I would go so far as to hope this would become second nature to our children. Aidan has already made me aware of one student defending him and I commend this girl for doing so but on the other hand one student out of 200 in 6th grade is a sad statistic.

It is up to us, the adults of this world, to set the example for this generation that we have been given charge of until it is their time to lead their own children. What do we all want to envision for future generations?



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