Aspie boy is in 7th grade this year, the second year of middle school for him. Last year, 6th grade could have been better all around, should have been better, would have been better if all involved could have put aside their preconceived notions of Asperger’s or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as it is referred to now, and taken the time to learn what makes a child like Aidan tick. This of course would have been a perfect world scenario, life in a perfect world is always well, perfect. Instead what we had were numerous phone calls, email upon email sent and received in an attempt to garner some understanding and empathy for the boy and numerous meetings that never entirely lead myself or Wade to have much faith in our education system. There were a few beacons of light but…. Our system is flawed, it has been gutted by politicians, overrun by bean counters, systematically regulated to cater to one test after another with our teachers being removed from the role of teaching, of inspiring and engaging in a manner to trigger those “light bulb moments.” They are no longer teaching to students but expected to meet quotas with acceptable results. There seems to be very little time left for relating to students as children, as (not yet adults) who still need our guidance and nurturing. Throw into the mix those children that don’t quite fit in, that are bright but oppositional in their thinking and lack the social graces of their contemporaries and it’s always a matter of waiting for the next incident, not if but when. We have finished up our third week of school here and the honeymoon has begun to unravel, when the “he said” and “she said’s” are starting to dominate dinner conversation. Tonight I am trying hard to believe that commonsense will prevail and that all involved will eventually learn to see, listen and hear not just with their eyes and ears but with their hearts and souls. Praying that we will eventually, somehow, truly understand what we are trying to say to one another, and that in the best interest of all involved we will pull down the walls we have made, put our defenses aside and just let everyone be who they were meant to be. A time when we will set aside our preconceived notions and our learned behaviors and reactions and let reason and rational thought prevail. I want my son to enter into adulthood without someone attempting to force him to conform or submit to another’s ideology of who he should be. I want him to be strong and secure in knowing what is right for him and advocating for his own needs and awareness. Square pegs do not need to fit into round holes, circles do not need to be squares and triangles, well they rock. Peace out, rock on, live and let live; I for one relish and thrive in the quirktastic 🙂



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