Kindness of Strangers

​You never know where a kindness will be extended, when a perfect stranger comes to your aid and helps for no other reason than because it’s what their heart tells them  to do. Thank you for the young woman and her mother who stopped today on 23 just north of Ann Arbor when we dumped the motorcycle on the side of a culvert while attempting to pull off the road and stop. She was the first one to our aid, running back to us when we were still both sprawled on the ground, stunned. Thank you for not wanting to leave until she was assured we were okay. Thank you to the stranger who ran across traffic to see if we were alright and stayed to help my husbanbget the bike righted again. Thank you both for letting me hug you, though we didn’t exchange names, I will always remember your faces, words and concern. Thank you to the person who called 911 and set in motion the EMT and Michigan State Police officer being sent to our assistance. No medical assistance needed for either of us (so far) other than an ice pack for my busted lip. Bike was drivable, only the side mirror and fairing banged up a bit but Wade and I walked away from this with nothing more than a few scraps, bruises and probably sore muscles tomorrow as well as a pair of deflated egos but so what, WE WALKED AWAY!  I am feeling very fortunate today, for life and for my fellow human beings. #blessed


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