It is so easy to judge a person on appearance. I have numerous tattoos, the first of which I did not get until 5 years ago. When someone looks at me is that all they see? And if that is all you see I can only guess how you are judging me. Every single tattoo on my body represents a person I have memorialized or something that is very close to my heart. My 1st tattoo was a remembrance ribbon surrounded by a heart in honor of my father, my grandmother and my dog. My 2nd tattoo was a semicolon, the 3rd the caregiver ribbon, the 4th was an autism puzzle piece, the 5th was Snape’s patronus from Harry Potter, the 6th was the mascot from my dad’s ship to honor his service during WWII, the 7th was in honor of David Bowie and the 8th was my husband’s mascot from his Army unit in honor of his service to our country. I came into this world with nothing but the body I have and the only thing I will take with me when I leave is this body; be it buried, burned, set adrift or shot into space, the only thing I will take with me upon my exit is the body I have left and the story I have written upon it. So, if all you see is someone who you think is beneath you because of these tattoos, keep on walking, you’re not interested in the story I have to tell.


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