The Veil

I had a dream about my mother last night, a good dream, one in which she was restored in health and happy in a way that I never saw while she was here on earth. We were at a picnic/reunion/gathering of some type that seemed to center around her. There were relatives and friends there and my mother, the meek and mild Minnie Beryl Roman was the belle of the ball, everyone wanted to talk with her, flocking to greet her and be by her side; she was holding court. And while I walked around and mingled I watched her; she was truly beaming, people were listening to her, wanting to hear what she had to say and they could  not get enough of her. I watched all of this, smiling from ear to ear, being overjoyed in her happiness and the knowledge that she mattered, she was important. 
No one asked about my father, not a single soul questioned his absence, he was not present in body or thought.
And, when my mother and I were alone we talked a deep heart rendering conversation. She told me how thrilled she was with where life had taken me, how overjoyed to see where I am now and with what I do as a career, a path that only she could have lead me down with her gentle ways. It was a conversation that we never had in life, just the two of us hanging out and talking as friends, much like Amanda and I do. But she wasn’t the aged woman I grew to know, this was my mother in her youth; a youth I  have only seen in photographs one not  witnessed by me; carefree and confident but with wisdom that only age and experience brings.
I suspect that my spirit and my mother’s  communicated last night, that we both came to the veil at the right time and stayed to visit, as it were. Spirits know no age nor time, as for my mother I believe her to be an ambassador of goodwill, spreading love and compassion wherever she goes. And I am grateful for the time we have had together, both in this world and whatever is beyond.


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