The Gift

We stumble through life barely taking the time to breathe, much less pay attention to the details of what goes in to living every day. We spend our lives in routine and monotony, unimpressed by the neither the ordinary or the extraordinary. But, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to occasionally step away from the noise and chaos and truly feel the movement and rythum that surrounds us. The sway of the breeze among the colliding tree branches, the clean fresh smell of a light rain, the dew glistening on grass in the morning, a child humming contently to themselves or a dog watching the shadows play upon the ground. This life we are living is a gift that is too often squandered without regard to the moments ticking by. Make the time to feel what you see, listen to what you hear and love the simple and pure moments that are there for us all. Life abounds with joy, surrounds and bestows upon us daily the sustenance to feed our soul and quench our thirst. Love is hope and hope is love.


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